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Thứ Tư, 18 tháng 4, 2012

Chapter I: Crash-landed


Crash-landed our spacecraft, we fell to the floor. We stood up slowly as I could make out the smell of burning engines. This was nothing that we had planned. Back home, at the military base, the craft was bound to be unbreakable in every conditions. Guess not any more since this was a dreadful disaster.
We did aware that we had to leave the craft. Having found my spacesuit, I helped Lexi find hers. A red light started flashing as a sign of a warning. It was not a good sign, no moments should be wasted. I tended to panic and this was the right time for practical practice. A simple note of irony in my mind.
Warning alarm made the tension heavier as I could hardly keep calm. I did not aware of what I was doing. I could hardly take away with me gadgets and supply of necessity. Lexi hurried me to the hatch for a getaway. I ran passing by the craft’s window. Looking out of it, I saw that we were on a strange planet. For just a second of losing concentration, I thought that this was the moment of me taking in the beauty of the new land. I had always imagine this moment growing up, to experience the new atmospheric pressure, the first touch-down and all senses risen to be entirely absorbed by the attractive land of wilderness. But no time. We only had a few minutes to get out of the craft. The hatch opened as I pulled the lever. Slowly like my breathing. I saw the surface, rusty-colored ground, so bare but I can feel living forms hidden in every corner I spotted. We jumped down. Soft and much lighter, I kept a thought to myself. Without a single hesitation, I took my first footsteps on the planet. What a significant landing. Turned round, I looked at the craft for the last time. It burst into flames as we ran to survive.

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