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Chủ Nhật, 26 tháng 6, 2011

Ancient Battle : You Or Them?!

Ancient Battle: You or Them ?!

I and Co are building our own empire. Accidentally, I've created TOO MANY cliffs and other geological stuff so we can not build the empire appropriately. Co is adding really ridiculous goats and they're making annoying noise.

5 secs later ...

The test didn't do very well 'cuz some other empires (not ours) are actually stuck in my cliffs. Also, our own civilians can not get food without cheat code.
Co wants to say: "I, along with my legendary army, am attacking the terrible red Greek force. We're being killed terribly and also I think they might have a secret weapon....(blah blah blah...)(later) We're preparing for the second attack. I'm using 6 Roman Centurion. The Greeks shot me but we're stronger. The Romans are killing Greek civilians. Though Greece is not really strong this time but we lost 2 centurions.(later) The Greeks are losing their supply so we're getting ready for the next attack. Roman Centurions and Regions are taking the jungle way to create a big surprise. Oh, wait! We failed!! Our Roman Helepolis is using the shallows way to destroy our next door, Babylon, instead of Greece. In fact, Babylon is the yellow country being stuck in my freakin' cliffs. Our Helepolis force lost 2 but we did destroy Babylon.(later) We're in standby mode and we haven't decided whether to go.(later) After 3 mins, we're moving out. The Blind Lame Priest predicted that we might lose but we have already moved out. We're being attacked horribly and sooner or later will be destroyed.(later) Yes, We've been defeated!! The End and so The Game is over!!!" 
But the battle has just began! Don't miss next chapter: The Path to VICTORY!!!

"In a world ... there, I said it"

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  1. Co's Comment: chiến lược không hoàn thành. Mất 12000 người trong trận chiến khốc liệt máu Dù sao đi nữa thì bài này cực kì chính xác với trận chiến. tạm biệt thế giới!

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