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Chủ Nhật, 26 tháng 6, 2011

Virgo Horoscope Mon, Jun 27, 2011

Monday, Jun 27, 2011 -- Your natural analytical skills won't be of much help because you're not willing to spend time thinking about your options today. You can see a number of different routes that could further your career goals, yet you just want to take the path of least resistance. Luckily, the most creative solutions will come to you now while you are in motion, so don't waste time sitting on the sidelines trying to logically decide your next move.

Weekly Love Horoscope

    For the week of Jun 20, 2011

You might want to stretch your boundaries this weekend with the Moon's visit to your 9th House of Faraway Places on Saturday. Travel, cultural activities and people from different backgrounds can provide a sense of stimulation that opens both your heart and mind. Your enthusiasm is high, but don't make long-term plans with someone new just yet. Exploring life with a more adventurous attitude allows you to play without any strings attached. 

Your Personal Number of the Day
Number of the day 5
5: Passion, romance, and unexpected changes color your world today. An unforeseen trip may be necessary, or a last minute invitation could be extended. You're longing for excitement, which is fine, as long as you exercise a bit of discipline and don't let self-indulgent tendencies get the better of you.

Your personal Tarot card for the day
Your personal Tarot card for the day

 The Sun: You are in the right place at the right time

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